Upcoming talks:

Oct. 20: Lev Nachman (PhD Student, Political Science), "Activists Know How to Throw a Party: How and Why Social Movements are Changing Taiwan."

Oct. 27: 12:30 - 1:50 p.m. Humanities Interim Classroom Facility 100k Kelly Fong (California State University, Northridge), “The Delta is in the Heart: Excavating the Historical Archaeology of Isleton’s Chinese American Community” [This talk is part of the UCI Asian American Studies/Southeast Asian Archive Center “Homescapes/Warscapes 25/30” series]

Nov. 3: Alexander Jabbari (PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature), "Languages Beyond their Borders: Persian in India and Urdu in Iran After 1837"

 Nov. 10: Ying Zhang (UCI Library), "Crowd-translation of Ming government official titles."

About Access Asia:

Access Asia is a weekly presentation series at UC Irvine hosted by the Journal of Asian Studies. We provide a venue for all things Asia-related (and we try to keep some balance between the different regions of Asia), and generally have presentations from faculty members and graduate students (both local UCI folks and visitors from as close as Long Beach and as far away as Europe and Asia). We like to keep presentations short (between 20 and 30 minutes) and leave lots of time for discussion. Presentations are often about new research projects, draft articles/chapters/conference presentations, or fieldwork. Unfortunately we have no funding for these activities and everything we do is volunteer.

Access Asia is co-spearheaded by Jeffrey Wasserstrom (Editor of the Journal of Asian Studies and Professor of History at UCI) and Jennifer Munger (Managing Editor of the Journal of Asian Studies) and managed by Matthew Combs (the Book Review Coordinator for the Journal of Asian Studies and a UCI graduate student). Inquires about Access Asia should be sent to mtcombs [at] uci [dot] edu.

If you are interested in giving us a presentation, please contact Matt Combs (mtcombs [at] uci [dot] edu).


To sign up for the Access Asia mailing list, please visit: https://maillists.uci.edu/mailman/listinfo/asianstudies-accessasia